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Rotary File

The main characteristic of Rotary File

1. Can process a variety of metals (including hardened steel) and non-metal (such as marble, jade and bone), hardness is less than HRC70 of the work piece can be processed.

2. Lots of the work can be replaced with a small grinding wheel, and no dust pollution;

3. Excellent processing quality, high quality finish, can process various high-precision shape of the mold cavity;

4. Service life is 10 times long than the durability of high speed steel cutter and 200 times than the small wheel durability.

5. Master easy, simple to use, safe and reliable, and can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment;

6. High economic efficiency, processing costs can be reduced 10 times or so. Carbide Rotary burrs with a hand-held electric or pneumatic tool drive (can also be used on machine tools);

7. Electric or pneumatic speed 6000-40000 r/min.