Files Use
Rotary File

Cutting and Filing Operation Points and Precautions

1.    Crusty or sand castings, forgings, wheel rubbed off after use, available or old semi- sharp rasp cutting and filing.

2.    When cutting and filing people standing posture is correct : the first bend left leg , right leg straight after , lean forward over ( about 10°) , the focus falls on the left leg ; cutting and filing , the legs stand does not move , the left knee flexion reciprocates the body , arms and body movement to cooperate with each other , and to make full use of the entire length of the rasp .

3.    Cutting and filing rate is generally 30 to 60 times per minute. The operator can easily fatigue if the speed is too fast, and file teeth easy to blunt, but too slowly will reduce cutting efficiency.

4.    Files must be installed to use the handle, so as not to hurt the wrist. Loose rasp handle should be installed tightly after use; rasp bars cannot be skiing or percussion parts, broken rasp prevent wounding.

5.    Allowed mouth blown filings, filings do not remove by hand. When the rasp jam, use a wire brush to brush along the grain direction filing filings, if embedded filings large, the use of copper picked off .

6.    When filings are not allowed to touch his hand over the surface of the file, because the hand with oil, it will slip again when filing.

7.    Place the file, do not expose it work surfaces to prevent falls rasp foot injury; rasp save to avoid when wet, contaminated with oil or other stolen goods, non- overlapping or stacked with other hard tools together .